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Gnomes & Wizards Pre-Order

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All-out warfare has emerged between Gnomes & Wizards as they struggle to control the magic of the Power Crystals. The ground is crumbling away, ushering the battle to a cataclysmic end. Who will be the last tribe standing between the Gnomes and Wizards?

Kickstarter Campaign Ended

*This pre-order is due to arrive sometime in May or June of 2024.

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How to Play


Gnomes & Wizards Black and Pink Action Dice

Roll and Re-Roll

Dice rolls are performed at the beginning of your turn to determine what your tribe is capable of doing that round.



Assigning Dice to unit cards

Dice Allocation

After any rerolls, assign dice to active unit cards to increase their base stats or allow them to perform additional actions.



Attacking and moving in Gnomes & Wizards

Move and Attack

Move and attack with each of your active units using their base stat +1 for each attack/move die you assign to that unit.



Rolling Horns to Call to War

Call to War

A unit can use their horn die results to call more units to the battlefield or acquire new abilities from the ability decks.



Charge Abilities using Power Crystals

Charge Abilities

Gain Power Crystals using the dice and Crystal Mines. Use these Power Crystals to charge your abilities and cast them at your opponents.



Battle Royale by flipping tiles forcing combat to the center of the board

Battle Royale

Starting at round 6, flip 2 tiles at the beginning of your turn, gradually forcing the battle into the Crystal Mines in the center of the field.



Scoring for Gnomes & Wizards. +20 points for each defeated clan, +30 points for each defeated leader, +1 point for each remaining HP at the end of the game.


At the end of 10 rounds, count up your points to determine who is the victor.



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